Small Business Big Impact Kit

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This is the ULTIMATE starter kit for everyone who has a big, brave business idea and just needs a little help getting it off the ground. Unlike any other tool or template out there, the Small Business Kit, is the whole A-Z toolbox, from start to finish. 


You are in the right place if: 

- You know you and your business should be up and running by now, but honestly you have no clue where to begin.
- Instead you are running in circles ... running out of steam ... and just about running on empty! ​
- You feeling stuck, confused or silly for even dreaming this big dream?


STOP. We got this. 

After going through this kit you will have everything you need to set up your project - the simple, smart and stress-free way. 

Jam-packed with over 20 tools with step-by-step instructions, the whole kit fits together like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. 


After you are done, you will have: 


- Complete clarity about your business plan and brand.
- The ability to pitch, partner or promote at the drop of a hat.
- An organised, simplified and balanced way of operating.
- Complete confidence in what you are doing.
- The tools to help you do it. 


FYI. This stuff is usually sold in bits and pieces at 3x the price. And I know this kit will annoy other coaches and consultants. But I want you to have it, becuase it is time for us all to get creative and redesign the world, piece by piece, project by project! 

Everything is about to make ALOT more sense and your dreams are about to get A WHOLE lot closer! 


See you in the Small Business Kit!