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Who we are

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We are people, helping other people, ignite their big brave idea.

We do things a little differently

We are all about the wholesome hustle. 

Joining us is not all 'suit & tie, book an appointment with Janet.'  We are more 'let's meet for a fruit smoothie with a side of margaritas' kind of people.

Nothing we do will cost an arm & a leg. Not because we are not worth it, but that's not what we are about. Our courses, resources and retreats are affordable and packed with all the good stuff you need.  

We respect your time, money and energy and want you to save as much of it as you can so you can run towards your beautiful goals.


We are here to lessen your load. We get your plans untangled, your branding and campaign materials ready & your big, brave idea off the ground! 


And most importantly, we all have a great time doing it. 

The Projects Creative is for a better, kinder, safer world. A world that recognises we need to start thinking differently. Trying new things. We are for a world where great ideas can become game-changers. For all of us. A world where the people behind those great ideas, are strategically supported & creatively empowered. 

We are for you. And turning your big, brave idea from a dream, into a goal. Then into a plan. Then into action. Then obviously, casually into a legendary intergalactic empire.


Well that's how we'll feel about it anyway. 

Our Experience

The Projects Creative was founded by Matisse Walkden-Brown in 2018.


After working as a campaigner for over 10 years, Matisse's passion for simple strategic planning could no longer be contained. It was spilling out all over the place. The tricks. The trade-secrets. The secret sauces. 


She saw that beautiful things happened when a strong vitalised team, got themselves organised to bring a brand, message or new culture to life. 

This is how LinkedIn describes her: 

"Matisse is a campaign strategist with a social impact and public relations background. She has been involved in the design and execution of national and global campaigns for 10+ years, across the environmental, start up and pop-culture arenas.